In the beginning

Just now my boat is a skeleton of plywood frames and stringers in my garage. She's a 'Walkabout' design by New Zealander John Welsford.One day we'll sail and row on the Firth of Forth – a few minutes walk from my house in Portobello, Edinburgh. She'll be finished soon before the launch date. Launch date is shortly after she's finished.

To keep me inspired Gerry L's Walkabout is my screen saver.
No blow by blow account of the boat building; no photos of how I solved problems along the way, or designed clever gizmos to make things easier. Firstly, I'm not actually very good at wood working, so there's not much to learn from me. Secondly, if I have the time, I'd rather be building than blogging about it – just now it's too cold to use epoxy, which is my next step. (To see how it should really be done, take a look at Gerry L's blog.)



About Osbert Lancaster

Creating ripples to foster sustainability. Seeking solace & clarity on the sea by sail & oar.


  1. Darwin Barreiro

    Osbert: first of all, congratulations on Scratch, I am really beautiful, I really enjoyed your blog, and pictures of Sail Caledonia, was considering the construction of a Navigator but it intimidates me long enough, after seeing yours I think I’ve decided by Walkabout, such is sleeping in the tent? there is or can send a video? Greetings and thanks from across the globe!DarwinLas Toscas, Canelones, Uruguay.

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Darwin – good to hear from you and glad you like Scratch.If you are trying to decide what boat to build, you should really ask on the John Welsford discussion group – there are lots of people with experience of different boats, including John himself. Tell them about the area you plan to sail in and what sort of sailing you want to do, with how many people, how long the trips will be etc. Also, where will you launch? A slipway, harbour, or a sandy beach etc? Will you have help for launching?An important issue is that you can’t fit an outboard to a Walkabout, so you have to be sure that you are happy to row, and will be able to do so in the conditions you’ll be out in.I’ll be writing something soon about the tent – and other aspects of the Sail Caledonia trip. Keep following!All the bestOsbert

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