Back in the flow

It's been a long time since I updated the blog. I've been very busy with work and any spare time has gone on building the boat, not blogging it. Anyway my plan is for the blog to be about sailing – and rowing – the Firth of Forth, not a documentary of the build.

The Firth – an estuary in Scotland – is almost on my doorstep, just a couple of hundred yards from my house in Portobello, a suburb of Edinburgh. It's beautiful, with islands and great scenery, including Edinburgh from the sea – surely one of the great skylines of the world. They are beaches, bays and harbours to visit, and wildlife to see.

Can't find many images of Edinburgh's skyline from the sea – I'll have to take some! This is from Kirkcaldy on the north side of the Firth. Image CC gordon2208

We so often feel we have to travel to experience new places. My aim is to experience my local place differently, whether it's a couple of hours off the beach, or a day trip around some islands. There's the potential for longer cruises both east and west, camping on the boat for a couple of nights. That's the plan, but I must build the boat first.

A month or so back I was frustrated as I made slower progress than I'd hoped – the work became a chore as I raced to finish a job. Now I'm getting back into the flow, taking pleasure from each task as I focus on the process and not progress towards the result. I've now got all but one pair of stringers on, have fitted the first pair of planks and cut the second pair. This afternoon I spent a couple of hours, the first for a few weeks, planing the edge of the first plank – to create what we boatbuilders call a faying surface. Once both sides are planed I'll scarf and fit the missing stringers… But I'm getting ahead of myself.



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Creating ripples to foster sustainability. Seeking solace & clarity on the sea by sail & oar.

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