I’m selling my sailing canoe [SOLD]

I'll be launching my new boat soon and I could do with the cash to help pay for it! So, I'm selling the previous boat I built:

Selkie is an open canoe set up for sailing and rowing – as well as paddling. I built her a few years back to a professional design by Selway Fisher: Waterman 16Waterman canoes are more than simple open Canadian type canoes; they are a complete canoeing experience – from simply being a family open day canoe to a camping/sailing/portaging craft capable of being used to explore normally impenetrable rivers and creeks“.

She's built of birch ply and is encapsulated in epoxy, and has built in bouyancy for and aft. She's complete with a balanced lugsail ketch rig by Solway Dory: “an excellent cruising sail“. Total sail area is 44 sq ft, so Selkie is within the rules of the Open Canoe Sail Group. I've had some great times sailing Selkie in the Firth of Forth, including around the islands off North Berwick – though I never made it to the Bass Rock.

I found paddling Selkie singlehanded on a choppy sea hard work, so I adapted her for rowing – which works very well and allows one to make good progress when the wind falls – or when you need to head straight into the wind. (In fact it was rowing Selkie that inspired me to build a proper rowing boat!) Selkie can still be paddled – either by one or two people.

The total package includes: canoe, sails & sheets, masts and spars, two paddles, oars & rowlocks, lee board, rudder, tiller, and an ECKLA-EXPEDITION 260 portage trolley (which converts to a seat!). Selkie's paint is worn in a few places, but she's in excellent condition. £900 ono. Lying Edinburgh.

Email osbertAosbert.org (replace A with @ – my probably futile attempt to defeat spammers!)




About Osbert Lancaster

Creating ripples to foster sustainability. Seeking solace & clarity on the sea by sail & oar.


  1. Robin Coleman

    Hi OsbertTried to email you through another link but not sure if it made it. Was wondering if Selkie was still on the market?RegardsRobin

  2. Anonymous

    Hi RobinI’ve taken a deposit on Selkie and buyer promises to collect next month. If you are interested, email me at forthsailoar AT osbert DOT org and I’ll let you know if this falls through – though I’m glad to say, there’s no sign of it!CheersOsbert

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