According the forecast today was to be heavy rain all day. So I'd squeezed in a couple of hours sailing yesterday – great fun in a brisk southerly.

Despite the forecast today started fine and continued that way after lunch – and given it's late in the year, it seemed too good a chance to miss.

Hardly a breath of wind so I rowed steadily towards Inchkeith – the island that is tantalisingly in sight whenever I launch from Portobello. (In fact, it's in sight from everywhere in the eastern firth.) I didn't make it all the way before it was time to turn back as the sun sets today at 4.20.

On the way back I let the boat drift for a while as I enjoyed the scene.

The two sunsets are looking south over Edinburgh. The third photo is to the west – if my phone had a decent camera, you'd see the Forth road and rail bridges in the distance. The last is Inchkeith to the north.



About Osbert Lancaster

Creating ripples to foster sustainability. Seeking solace & clarity on the sea by sail & oar.


  1. Rob

    Lovely cloudscapes

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks Rob – pretty pleased with them myself! Now if only my iPhone focussed on infinity the skylines would be sharp.Just checked out – and subscribed to your blog – nice!

  3. Vivien Hall

    Lovely pictures. I envy you lucky people who live near water. I used to but we moved inland. Used to sail after work when the tide was right. Heavenly.

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