A day on the water

Even if the wind is fitful and the weather changeable, it's good to be on the water.

I launched late morning from Portobello beach and spent the day on the Firth of Forth, sailing, rowing and fishing.

I'm in the early stages of getting to grips with video and I'm discovering it's not as easy at it looks – and realising the amount of time it takes to produce even a short video.

As a result I'm increasingly appreciating the skill – and commitment – of Dylan Winter with his Keep Turning Left series. His sailing videos are superb, but then he is a professional video maker!



About Osbert Lancaster

Creating ripples to foster sustainability. Seeking solace & clarity on the sea by sail & oar.


  1. Anders

    Excellent video, I especially enjoyed how well she seems to row! I also noted the rope attachment for the oars, very clever./Anders

  2. Anonymous

    <div> Thanks Anders – she does row well. The lanyards for the oars is John Welsford idea – he mentions it in his book. </div>

  3. Nick Vowles

    On the subject of filming Osbert, what do you use to secure the camera around the boat for filming? I am looking into getting something so I can record some sailing myself.ThanksNick

  4. Dogtownskates

    execellent video and a very pretty boat – by the way i found your site through in the boatshed !

  5. Anonymous

    @Dogtownskates – thanks!@Nick – Gorillapod!

  6. Peter

    I enjoyed finding your blog. I have been following John Welsford’s SCAMP. I think it has great storage and simple and protected sailing set-up. However,I worry about its ability to row as I live in a place where rowing down a canal to Lake Ontario might be a challenge in SCAMP, whereas Walkabout might fit the bill. I would like to sleep more than one in it from time to time and Walkabout seems just suited for one. Still, your blog has gotten me thinking. Keep writing and turning those local trips into adventures. To me, the self-propelled out your front door type of adventures are the most interesting…and sustainable!

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