To the Esk, by canoe


First time on the water for far too long. With no wind and flat seas I took Selkie, my canoe, rather than Scratch. Quicker and easier to launch, no need for the quad bike and the portage trolley comes too. Yes, I row my canoe.


A strange, calm, dampish, hazy day. Sky line dominated by church spires backlit by the low sun through the clouds.


Portobello Old Parish church, Bellfield St. Church at corner of Windsor Place and High St, now retirement flats.


Raft of gulls on the way to Fisherrow. Occassional warmth in the sun.


St Phillips, Portobello.


Fisherrow Harbour.


Looking up the River Esk.


In the distance, St Michaels, Inveresk.


At the mouth of the Esk. The waves mark the long sandbank formed by the river. Arthurs Seat behind Portobello.


Cockenzie Power Station.

Time for home, no time for photos. Said I’d be back by 5. I was, just.


About Osbert Lancaster

Creating ripples to foster sustainability. Seeking solace & clarity on the sea by sail & oar.


  1. talkporty

    Nice photos, and of the midget too… On the third one down – that’s the old church on Windsor Pl, not Bellfield?

  2. Anonymous

    Well spotted @talkporty – noted!

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