Spring, sun, sail


Wonderful spring day today so I couldn’t resist making the first sail of the year. A steady F3 from the west and a calm sea. Everything in the boat was as I’d left it last year and she was bone dry. I’ve been checking occassionally over the winter and the tarpaulin, over the mizzen mast used as a ridge pole, is doing its job.



I tried out my new compass to find the best position to mount it. Didn’t want to put it too far forward so I could look down on the compass while rowing – this might make it easier to row a straight line. Fitted the bracket back in the boat yard.



The sun was lighting up the sails. Difficult to photograph while in the boat.



The leech of the mainsail flutters quite a lot on some points of sail. I suspect the sailmaker didn’t allow sufficiently for the flex in the boom and yard. The boom certainly flexes quite a lot when the downhaul is hauled down hard – which I’ve been told is must be to help the boat point well into the wind.



Always good to see Edinburgh’s skyline from the sea.


About Osbert Lancaster

Creating ripples to foster sustainability. Seeking solace & clarity on the sea by sail & oar.

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